Our equine apothecary was born after I searched high and low for quality products that had safe ingredients for my mare’s unique skin and health needs. I found that I was often using products that were generally ineffective and contained toxic ingredients.  I began researching and experimenting in my own kitchen to develop products that were affordable, effective, and contained natural, plant based ingredients.

Our apothecary takes pride in our simple and natural recipes. Each product is handcrafted and contains pure and quality ingredients that are purposefully placed in each recipe. There are no extras, no fillers, no dyes, and no toxins.

The Unadorned Equine Apothecary is your one stop shop for botanically based equine care essentials. I have created a boutique brand of equine products that target everything from itchy skin to glossy supermodel manes. My mare has field tested each product in the line, and if a picky mare can get down with my products, anyone can. My hope is to bring you affordable, effective, and safe products that are tailored to the needs of every equine.


The Unadorned Equine Apothecary Team